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New Level of Pain

I don’t think I’ve ever quite experienced pain the way I am experiencing pain in my left wrist. Now, I’m huge into mind over matter. On a cold day think warm thoughts and you can feel warmer and such. However, this pain is physically weakening. Sometimes I can barely squeeze something to be able to lift it.

This is one of those times that if I was insured I’d be visiting Barry Bridges (Chiropractor) or my GP. I’ll just follow my brother‘s advice.

2 thoughts on “New Level of Pain

  1. Personally, without the option of a chiropractor visit, I would follow your brother’s advice. I hear he knows what he’s talking about…

  2. OK … here’s another one for you. Get a gallon milk jug, fill it with water, hold it in your left hand and let it traction your wrist out (don’t resist the weight of the jug). But really, do the ice and rubber band thing.

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