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Lost – Bangui connection

Heard a funny commercial on the radio today! "What’s the question on everyone’s mind? Is there a new episode of Lost tonight? YES!" Very funny.

So, want to see what the island of Lost is shaped like? Follow me. This ride is approximate 10 minutes long. You will need Google Earth installed on your computer.

  1. Let’s do some research. Go to Blingo (aka Google with prizes) and search for "Bangui"
  2. Choose the wikipedia link (shortcut)
  3. Now that we’ve learned a bit about Bangui, namely that it is a "commune or federal district in the Central African Republic," let’s return to Blingo and search for "Bangui Magnetic Anomaly" Peruse the links and gain a little background insight.
  4. Open Google Earth and search for "Bangui" which should put you in Africa
  5. While on Bangui in Google Earth, search for "4 8 15 16 23 42" (latitude 4° 8.15 longitude 16° 23.42)
  6. Put the check back on Bangui and zoom out to see that both searches are in the same region. The numbers are just left of Bangui where the meteor hit.
  7. Let’s find the antipode for the coordinates 4 8 15 16 23 42, that means the exact opposite place on the earth. Search for "-4 8 15 164 23 42" (180-16 = 164) As you zoom out you should start to recognize the spot as being a point between Australia and LA if you were 1000 miles off course.

BTW, The map picture in step 2 is what I conjecture the writers have based the shape of the island on. I think this trail touches on many potential sources for several of the story lines we have seen.

Nexus originally posted theory somewhere and reposted it on Click more to see the original post.

Yeah so someone commented on my “numbers” into google earth theory and stated it incorrectly. This is a very brief summary of my idea on the numbers and also a possible link between Henry Gale and what he is, as in scientist/other.


Well I understand that its just speculation. But here it goes.

There is a place in Africa called Bangui, and at this place there is a real life unexplained anomoly called the Bangui Magnetic Anomaly. This anomaly creates a fake south/north pole. In other words messes with polar equipment and compasses and such that they fritz out and point inacurtaly at north. It is thought that due to the high ammount of precambrian rocks among this area, that a meterorite had hit some millions of years ago. A lot of precambrian rock also has magnetic qualities.

This area in Bangui has coordinates, these coordinates are 4 8 15 16 23 42. Anyone who has seen the show knows the significance of these coordinates. Curious about the Bangui Anomaly? Look it up, its real.


The location is also decently close to Nigeria, which will come into play later.

The antipode, or the opposite side of the world from these coordinates is (-4 8 15 [164] 23 42). This so happens to place us inbetween The west coast of the US and Australia near a chain of small islands. Coincidence? I think not. The antipode above is not correct im not sure the correct use of the numbers within the antipode but you’ll see what i mean when you look on google earth.

The program Google Earth can give great insight on exact locations of these coordinates and give you a more realistic and startling view of whats going on. Try downloading it, its free.

If you track a straight flight plan course across the pacific ocean from LAX to Sydney Internation Airport. You find that it passes just north of the coordinates to the “island.” This of course is the antipode to the Bangui coordinates. If you track from flight path down to the island, you see that its 1000 miles off course. The same distance as they stated towards the begining of the series.

It is thought that the Earths Magnetic poles could possible shift creating a catastophic event. Much like the concept in the movie, The Core, this could end the world as we know it if this shift were to ever occur. The possible new north and south poles could end up being, the Bangui Anomoly coordinates, and the island.

There are real satalites in outer space right now orbiting the earth calculating this data. They are called N.O.A.A satellites, or swan satelites, yet another conection to the DHARMA swan.

These satellites rotate the earth 14 times a day, “if” the orbit is situated on magnetic poles. This works out to be a satellite over head at a specific spot every 108 minutes. Another coincidence? Yet again I think not. The swan stations set up to record this information are by “threes”, the DHARMA group has three stations. The idea is that the information recorded on magnetic fields moving can be sent to these three stations, and get an understanding of “if” and “how much” the magnetic poles have moved. You need three locations to triangulate a signal. Hints the three stations. There are 6, maybe more on the island but 3 are used to signal the S.O.A.A.s

My idea after seeing these actual real life facts, is that the DHARMA group situated themselves on this island to study and research the antipode of the Bangui Anomaly, and also the potential melt down of our polor spheres. The satelites cross over head on the “new” poles every 108 mins and recieve information for base stations…aka the hatch. by entering in thier current location, 4 8 15 16 23 42, the “numbers” they send information to the satelite to tell it how much the poles have shifted. Also these numbers could be to stabalize the opposite side of the worlds anitpode magnetic anomaly from triggering a massive melt down of the poles. The satelites relay this information to keep this from happening.

Yet what are the scientists there? Are they the “others”? What are they doing? This is unknown to me, but I guess all answers will be found in due time.

Also another question about how a Nigerian small cargo plane could end up on the other side of the world between LA and Syd, could be answered by the Bangui Anomaly in Africa. If they traveled through this area, much like the bermuda triangle, they could possibly sent to the island, or the opposite side of the world. Much like a worm hole in space.

Back to precambrain rock. The rock that is predominant in Bangui. I looked up precambrian rock percentages in the US and there is only one area that it is incredibly high, this area is called the Superior Uplands. The Superior Uplands are located in…..Minnasota. The following link is to a map showing the location of precambrian rock.…brian.html

This Henry Gale is from Minnasota. He also stated that he mined………NON-metallic rock. This rock he mined could be….the precambrian rock that is so prevelant in the Bangui Magnetic Anomoly area.

Could he possibly be an other but used some facts from his real life to make is sound more real?

Are the “others” scientists on the island?

Thats just my two cents on the subject. Of course many things are un answered but this gives a better view into what might be going on.

Of course the rest of this other theory all plays into this. It just gives meaning to the numbers themselves.

I have to credit Bjornicle of efnet’s #coldfusion for bringing this one to me.

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  1. correct, this is more than likely the answer to LOST

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