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Bizarre dream

Last night I had the strangest dream.

Some nondescript female convinced me to help her rob a federal reserve which happened to be located in a police department. Halfway through the robbery I realized I was wearing my graduating high school class t-shirt that cleared showed the school name along with all 674 names of people that graduated high school with me. I also wasn’t wearing a mask. I did my best to step beyond the view of the cameras that were everywhere and turned the shirt inside out. We took all the money, $3000 cash.

As we drove away I witnessed the locals driving their trash to one of my favoriate wilderness areas. Bulldozers cleared the land and moved the trash around.

Police everywhere were looking for us. I turned into a gravel drive and ditched the car. The area had a big land mover that was harvesting the mountain for fill dirt. We ran up a path to the top of the mountain (the girl faded from the dream). As I sat on top of the hill, I comtemplated what a mistake the robbery had been and the damage it did to my life. Next I was in the house of the landowner looking down the hill at a police officer interviewing neighbors. It was a very disconcerting feeling.

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