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Cool dates and times

Last night I was up but only semi-conscious and in no way eager to get out of bed to make the appropriate post at the time. Cathy had pointed out to me that we had an outstanding time last night. At 1:23am we had 1:23 4/5/6! Won’t happen again for 100 years.

6 thoughts on “Cool dates and times

  1. Put yer dang question higher! I’m having to retype my comment!
    In short
    next year: 2:34 5/6/7
    and as the amateur numerologists ignore the first three digits of an arbitrary numbering system, we’ll have 1:23 4/5/6 in 10 years (2016)

  2. No more question. No more math. (Unless Spam Karma 2 fails miserably)

  3. I really didn’t mind! I was just being ornery, and you should try new product only 14.99 guarantee make you last longer when matters to spouse happy!

  4. Close! Your karma on that one was 1 where neg numbers are considered spam. Try a little harder.

  5. In the UK we will have 1.23 4/5/6 in May as we put the month second to the day.

  6. Oh! Of course. I should not have let different time formats escape me. Thanks Judith!

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