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Lost Numbers

Until I can get caught on my work and do a decent Lost review, I’m summize with: The food has been bugging me since Desmond’s introduction. The day he cracked a fresh egg into a glass I thought "they are getting supplies somehow." When Henry asked, "how old is that cereal?" my thoughts that they were getting resupplied were solidified. Seeing the parachute drop was awesome! Now, who thinks these guys are on an elaborate set like the Truman Show? Do the blast doors come down in the hatch so that the occupants don’t see that the food supplies are delivered by truck from a secret tunnel and not actually air dropped? If that’s so, why does the staff resupply and risk getting caught when they know that people are outside of the bunker? I must stop for now.

Numbers note from Hurley’s April 5 show: There were 23 people on the deck when it collapsed. The deck was designed to hold 8.

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