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Juggling for health

Last night I made it to the Knoxville Jugglers Club! It has literally been years. What a pleasure! The group has very talented jugglers so we were able to feed clubs (multple jugglers all passing clubs to a single person), 3 person run-a-round (a crazy aerobic club passing routine), passing of 6 7 and 8 clubs, and other assorted fun.

The club meets 2 Tuesdays a month at the downtown YMCA. Resisting the urge to sing was hard. Man what a building! I must go back with a camera. I felt like I’d jumped back in time with the dark, hardwood basketball courts, polished block design building with inlaid marble, stairs that look like they belong in ancient government buildings, and narrow staircases that make you think you are going to a maintenance area but really lead to a track that looks like the set of Roller Derby. The track honestly doesn’t look like people should run on it, instead something motorized should be speeding around it.

The hour and a half of juggling did wonders for stress relief and my body, albeit slightly sore, is thankful for the exercise.

Remember to mark your calenders, I will be juggling at Children’s Mental Health Week Day at the Zoo, April 29 from noon to 1:00pm.

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