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The Presidency, Representing the People

I came into this world shortly after Richard Nixon took office. I can’t say much on his presidency but he proved to be a fantastic politican in his post-presidency.

Of Gerald Ford, what can I say other than Chevy Chase. Of his presidency, I knew only that one day I could grow up to be president, and that meant something.

I understand the distaste some people have for Jimmy Carter. I’ve read the information that relates today’s Iranian issues to his presidency while others say he laid ground work to avoid today’s problems; let’s not forget the 1953 CIA-engineered coup to oust Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh. We have fiddled with Iran for a long time but the U.S. betrayal of the shah in 1978 was bad. I liked Carter as a president. I think his post-presidency has been amongst the best with his involvement in human rights and Habitat for Humanity.

Personally, Ronald Reagan has been a favorite of mine. I don’t understand why some people still talk down of his 8 years but that could simply be my ignorance of politics. And, if anything, we got the pleasure of Land of Confusion from his presidency!

George Bush, Sr. I liked, had respect for, and trusted as a president.

Bill Clinton comes in second as my favorite president during my lifetime (pre-me I like the Roosevelts quite a bit). Clinton made a huge mistake with the sex scandal. We as a society made a larger mistake by making an issue of the sex scandal instead of letting it quietly go away. Politically, he did great things!

George W Bush, Jr remains the only president I cannot respect. I feel he represents his own interests and not those of the people. I feel he has worked to damage democracy and has laid the groundwork to see the United States as a facist government. Although I support my president, despite these views, I cannot wait to see him leave office.

The following video is an artistic and well edited depiction of George W Bush, Jr that captures his attitudes and pompousness that so rubs me wrong. Nice work D. Ledonne! Warning! The video contains imagery that some may find upsetting or disturbing. Also, the word "nigga" is repeated frequently.

Music video of DJ RX’s “Who’s the Nigga” from his album ‘The Party Party.’ President George W. Bush shares his grand vision for the future for the USA–creating a united America with justice and democratic representation for all.

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