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What is blogging?

Is it me, or has blogging become about cheap attempts to get linked to from Michael, Laurence, and Glenn?

5 thoughts on “What is blogging?

  1. No, it’s about cheap attempts to be controversial, “edgy” and partisan while attracting a cadre of sycophantic readers.

  2. We LOOOOOVE YOU Doug!!!!!

  3. I wasn’t talking about Doug and/or Cathy, in case there’s some misunderstanding…

  4. Hehe. Even if you were Barry, it would have matched the jocular levity of the post. I’m certain most people will miss the subtle facetiousness of this one but it made me laugh out load as I typed it 🙂

  5. Are you saying my talk about dirty diapers isn’t controversial? They’re disposables. Is that edgy enough?

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