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Time to close some windows

With 15 firefox windows open at 89 tabs, my machine is starting to see some performance issues. Me thinks it is time to bookmark somethings and close some windows.

8 thoughts on “Time to close some windows

  1. Yeah — maybe you should close a window.

    ps. Your post caught my eye today because earlier I thought that maybe I should empty my trash. I couldn’t remember when I did it last, so just out of curiosity, I checked the hard drive before and after. Emptying the trash opened up 20 GIGS of space.

  2. What do you do if your machine crashes/reboots? Cry?

  3. I use SessionSaver .2 and all windows and tabs return upon reboot. Session Manager .4 claims to be the replacement for SessionSaver .2 and I’m trying it on Cathy’s machine but Manager is by a different author and I’m not sold on it yet.

  4. Let’s me put on my best Doc impersonation from Back to the Future. Ok. Now let me put my hand on my forehead and get wided eyed.

    “20 gigabytes!! 20! 20! 20 gigabytes!!” Alice that’s a lot of stuff in the recycle bin!

  5. If the machine locks up he has a swearing, temper tantrum.

  6. I can just hear Scotty screaming now… “Ahm givin’ it all I got cap’n but ah jus don have enough RAM!”

  7. Good call LissaKay!

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