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Let’s track a typical day.

Updated. The fact checker woke.

Thus far:

I overslept and woke at 4:305am. 4:30-55-5:30am was my freshening up time and making coffee. I’ve severely cut down on my coffee intake, going with no coffee days on end, since caffiene seems to aggrivate the BPV. Today I needed coffee.

5am-7:30am I avoid distractions and focus on programming a client’s web application. With web apps, so much can go on behind the scenes that the client can begin to think the developer isn’t working at all. Today is about producing visible results. I do some multitasking and during this time I also get Windows 2000 Professional installed on a client’s machine. I was having much difficulty because I couldn’t get the harddrive formated as the keyboard kept locking up on boot. Last night Evan crawls over and starts pushing buttons and stomping on the keyboard and I’ll be darned if he didn’t get the formatting software working in a couple minutes when I’d been trying for hours! The one year old is a computer prodigy!!

7:30-8 is some me time. Regrouping. Quick bite to eat and getting back to work.

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