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Today’s Deer in the Headlights (yes, there’s a pun there)

This is mesmerizing yet somehow very disturbing. I can’t tell if she’s singing non-sense or if that’s something European or Asian. This deserves a look simply from a technical appreciation for the quality of the animation. Playing Zork and Leisure Suit Larry so many years ago one could have never imagined such imagery would ever exist. The animation is, um, so smooth! This girl needs a bra (nws first referenced here). With all that said here is a link to something that is best with sound and is possibly work questionable. Oh, and I promise you are going to have two reactions: 1) You are going to stare mouth agape wondering why you continue to stare and not click away, and 2) you are going to say, "those things really bounce!" I was most impressed with the realism of the thighs and hips.

Update: I keep returning to this thing because the scallion is bugging me! (yes, it’s the scallion!) What does it mean?! Why take such a good animation and ruin it with such a horrid sprite? Something needs to be done about the clothing error on the lower left left too. At one point in the animation of the cloth goes into her leg.

On a side note, can anyone identify the music? I want a copy!

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