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It’s a official…I’m stupid!

The error "500 unexpected end of part" is caused by not including a backslash on a move operation with CFFILE.

<cffile action="MOVE" source="c:\temp\foo.jpg" destination="c:\temp\newdirectory">

Should be:

<cffile action="MOVE" source="c:\temp\foo.jpg" destination="c:\temp\newdirectory\">

Written that way makes it seem self-evident. However, the documentation states "If not an absolute path, it is relative to the source directory." implying that:

<cffile action="MOVE" source="c:\temp\foo.jpg" destination="newdirectory">

should be alright. The backslash is still necessary!

The big burn on this stupid mistake is that I’m now a day and a half behind schedule on my work, my development server still doesn’t work, and I have to move forward by publishing my work directly to the client’s website (yuck!). Fortunately it is a staging server and not a production server.

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