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What is Ward170-I386?

In continuing to try to troubleshoot my server problems I look into the Add/Remove programs to confirm that I do NOT have .Net 2.0 installed on a Windows2000 server. I notice a program called Ward170-I386 but can find no information on this program. Do I uninstall it? What if I put it there out of need and have since forgotten.

Update: Thanks to bananachunks for reminding me that it is an OLD version of War-Ftpd (an excellent FTP server!).

4 thoughts on “What is Ward170-I386?

  1. War FTP. Now where’s my prize. 🙂

  2. Doh! I should have recognized that. Now where’d I hide that thing I promised?!

  3. Oh! I know! Bananachunks gets a choice of a half dozen dead monitors OR a phone hub.

  4. …still waiting on my dead monitors.

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