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Look at that rainbow!

As I continued my journey I envisioned the glory that I would find beyond the next bend. There would be an inn where I could rest me weary feet and put down a pint or two. As I made the bend, Murphy the Leprechaun sprang from a bush waving his hands and chanting. Suddenly the path split and extended. Murphy declared, "Aye’ve split me treasure and placed it in pots at the ends of these paths. It’s all yours! If’n you meet me challenge."

I gandered down the left split rolling gently downhill and a good 3 day’s journey saw a huge rainbow then a sharp cliff. Looking to the right, the path climbed a steep hill then meandered down to the inn and continued on. At the inn was a smaller rainbow and the path had stretched to make the inn a good 5 day’s journey.

Murphy continued, "Get to me gold an’ it’s yours but you must make the journey in 2 days. You can have both pots if you move quickly. The size of the rainbow represents the relative size of the treasure. At the end of two days, me spell will break and the path will return to normal leaving you stranded where you stand. I recommend ye make it to the inn within two days!"

And then he was gone.

Update: Looks like he threw some trolls on the path to make it interesting.

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