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If you write your representative, they sometimes write back!

Kudos to efnet‘s #coldfusion‘s MacGeorge for writing his representative regarding net neutrality and bigger kudos to Tammy Baldwin for responding!

I strongly support network neutrality, the guiding principle which
ensures that the Internet remains open to all and guarantees
everyone equal access. …
…I am a cosponsor of the Network
Neutrality Act, H.R. 5273
. This bill clearly defines U.S.
telecommunication policy to include the preservation of the
freedom to use broadband telecommunications networks, including
the Internet, without interference from network operators.
Specifically, it outlines responsibilities of network providers to
ensure that the Internet remains open and available to everyone. …
Tammy Baldwin
Member of Congress

Good stuff! Her letter also mentions that it is better to send email than physical letters.

As a result of the anthrax incidents, all
mail sent to Congress is first irradiated. This process causes
significant delays. To ensure the fastest response, I encourage all
constituents who have access to the internet to contact me through
my website

Be politically active in your life. There is time for a simple phone call or email. Contact your representative frequently!

See also Markey Amendment to COPE Act, Markey bill, and The Library of Congress.

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  1. I also heard back from my senetor, Fred Risser, in letter:

    Thank you for contacting me to express your support for proposed net neutrality legislation. A number of pieces of federal legislation have been introduced that would codify Net Neutrality and prohibit telephone and cable companies from charging information providers premium fees on content and also prohibit preferential pricing for access tiers.

    Let me assure you that I support Net Neutrality and I believe that telecommunication companies should not be allowed to interfere with the free flow of ideas and information on the internet, or prioritize content delivery based on some preferential payment scheme.

    However, since federal legislation is out out my jurisdiction, I encourage you to share your thoughts and concerns about this matter with your Federal legislators [inc. Tammy Baldwin, who I did write].

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