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Help Mia!

Skip McDonald’s today and give Mia $5.00! Mia qualified for the National Junior Olympics in BOTH of her events: the 1500m and the 3000m. She has to pay roughly $2000 to attend the events (that’s hotel, food, transportation, etc.).

I find it interesting the small circles we read in. My wife reads Miss Zoot regularly. In the interest of not reading exactly the same thing my wife reads, I have intentionally avoided Miss Zoot. I read The Adventures of Latte Man regularly who yesterday posted a reference to Miss Zoot spurring me to ask, "Why don’t I read Miss Zoot?" so I had a look at her two most recent posts only to discover that KristyK, whom I read daily but I mostly didn’t read anyone yesterday, is having a fundraiser to get Mia to the races! I would love to do a study on the viral aspect of blog readership.

Give Mia $5 please!

4 thoughts on “Help Mia!

  1. It’s a small world, eh? Thank you for posting this! Every little bit helps.

  2. Rock that open bold tag!

  3. Fixed! Thanks. Guess I was really trying to emphasize somethings today.

  4. […] If you are trying to Help Mia get to the National Junior Olympics, use the ChipIn public link ( ). Kristy explains. Comments below ad. […]

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