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Morals, ethics and privacy

A friend gives you their child’s computer to cleanse of viruses and malware. In the process you discover a stash of porn. Do you:

  1. Tell the parent.
  2. Don’t tell the parent.
  3. Make a copy and compliment the kid on their good taste.

9 thoughts on “Morals, ethics and privacy

  1. Even though I would want to be told, I don’t think anything should be said.

  2. Print a copy of the malware log to give to them with your invoice, and everything else. Let them put 2 and 2 together.

  3. I think it would be dependant, perhaps, on the age of the child and the, erm, severity of the porn. I mean, if it’s some weird torture stuff, or very mysogynistic, indication dangerous proclivities in the kid, then yeah, maybe tell the parent.
    Of course, I’m completely bullshitting right now.

  4. Actually it is all seems relatively harmless and normal. But we can leave the final judgment up to Cathy after I practice my newly learned techniques. Now where can I get a treadmill motor?

  5. We’ve still got the really old treadmill that Cathy unloaded…I mean “gave” us when she moved in with you. It’s just sitting in the garage collecting dust. Want it back?

  6. Actually, if it has a flywheel yes! I want to try the Make: wind turbine. If you aren’t using it, I’ll take it.

  7. What? That means you’ll be getting rid of a mountain of old monitors and other useless junk before you bring more junk into the garage. Right?!?

  8. GAC won’t let me have useless junk… sigh.

  9. Add these 3 links to your news reader and you will want to keep everything 🙂 (best) (usually ok) (not terribly impressed)

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