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Things I do

I get "whatever Doug does" a lot. I am that computer mystic. To my children, I "fix computers" although I think they are beginning to come around to "he makes web pages."

This morning, I configured a server located either in the United Kingdom or New York (I really don’t know where it physically sits) to no longer send email through a Linux server in Holland but instead to securely send email through a Windows server located somewhere else. I did this without leaving my basement and without physically laying hands on the servers. They are well secured against intrusion by spammers or denial of service attacks. My client is in London. I woke at 3am to be on their time. I invoice them electronically and they pay through Paypal. People in Knoxville will never see me working with my clients and assume I do nothing.

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  1. Good gracious man… didn’t you ever see “The Net”? You really gotta get out more 🙂

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