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The Spammers are brilliant!

They obviously know something I don’t. Here’s my latest spam email:

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What’s actually going on here is that they’ve randomly produced a paragraph, with some keywords, in a quantity of what appears to be real dialog so that this message can slip past the spam filters. The real spam was in the images which contained the message about a stock the spammer wants me to invest in. The images were sliced and diced such that image processing anti-spam software would not see them as a message but when put together like a puzzle (as an email client such as outlook express would) the message becomes clear.

If you have to use deceptive techniques to get me to buy your product, I don’t want your product!

2 thoughts on “The Spammers are brilliant!

  1. “If you have to use deceptive techniques to get me to buy your product, I don’t want your product!”
    Apparently you haven’t sat through a corporate marketing meeting, have you?

  2. Fortunately, not in a long time. But that may be changing.

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