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Must be hot to be cool

No, I’m not talking trends or hipsters. I have to turn off my air conditioning unit so it can defrost before the repairman gets here at 9am. Since it was recharged 3 years ago that implies we have a small leak but probably not worth tracking down at this point.

Today’s schedule? Make miracles before 7am. 7am drive mother-in-law to work so that we can abuse her car today. 8am (having driven across town and back in the morning rush) drive Tommy to school so that he is there by 8:30. 9am Be at house to receive hvac repairman. 9:25am break sound barrier giving check to hvac man and pickup Tommy (15 minute drive reduced to 5 minutes). 10am have Tommy in Lenior City (30-40 minute drive reduced to 20 minutes). 11:30am be in Karns to pickup raffle prize we won. Noon pickup air filters from Air Filtration near what used to be the one red light in Karns. 5:30 have Noah at karate. Between noon and 5 work 10 hours.

Global warming is not being caused by greenhouse gases. I am causing global warming by constantly bending the fabric of time!

5 thoughts on “Must be hot to be cool

  1. Sounds ugly, man.

  2. thats hilarious – i have an image of you with your undies on outside your trousers and both arms out in front – cape whistling through the air as you fly at the speed of sound carrying tommy around in a large nappy like a stork – well was that confusing for you – it was for me!

  3. haha! Now where’d I put those tights?

  4. Tim mus have seen Doug in his long underwear! 😉

  5. […] Doug posted a list of yesterday’s activities, but I’ll just give you the highlights. Since we don’t have a car that runs, we borrowed one to get the children to their activities. That borrowed car? It got a flat tire sitting in front of our house. The car’s owner was flabbergasted. “What? Why does everything break over there? Cr*p-Sweet-Cr*p.” Once Doug fixed the flat, we dropped Noah at karate and visited the grocery store. We came home and the dog barfed all over the floor. While I put the groceries away, Amy used a whole roll of toilet paper in the upstairs bathroom and closed the door instead of telling us that the toilet was overflowing. When the basement ceiling became a waterfall, Doug screamed “flood”. We used every single towel in the house to clean that mess up. Today the laundry piles are not just huge, they’re soaking wet. Oh, we were also offline for a few hours after that because a wire got knocked loose and it required detective work and several reboots to track down the source of the problem. C’est la vie. No Comments so far Leave a comment Line and paragraph breaks automatic, e-mail address never displayed, HTML allowed: <a href="" title=""> <abbr title=""> <acronym title=""> <b> <blockquote cite=""> <code> <em> <i> <strike> <strong> […]

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