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Powell High School Teacher Screwed

I heard it on the radio this morning that a vice principal at a local high school is being investigated for having a sexual relationship with a student. With all these teacher/student sex scandals, I couldn’t help but wonder where were these women when I was coming to age?! Of course, can you really blame them? I mean, wouldn’t a teenage boy be like having a vibrator that never needed the batteries changed? And wouldn’t a school full of teenage boys be like working quality control at the vibrator factory? "Ooop. That one’s a dud."

So did she do it? Doesn’t matter. She cannot continue at Powell High School and who would hire her at this point? One way or another she got screwed. Of course, I’d say the sex part of this is sensationalism while the real investigation probably has more to do with "tampering with several students’ grades."

The roundup is here and here.

6 thoughts on “Powell High School Teacher Screwed

  1. Mature adult women involved with young teen boys almost always have psychiatric issues.

  2. Yeah, steamy hot psychiatric issues…

  3. my rss reader – google reader – had this as the heading for cathys comment – in big bold type!
    “Comment on Powell High School Teacher Screwed by Cathy”
    i have to say i laughed when i saw that!

  4. Tim, If it happened during the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert hour, it wasn’t me.

  5. Amen sister!hehe Jon rocks!

    And Doug – you should have been at my high school. There was a female computer teacher that would pick one senior guy every year to be her boy toy for the whole year. Usually a football player with a hot butt! I think she thought she was doing her civic duty, the whole boy to man thing. 🙂

  6. I wonder if morals are slipping and people are just acting on an over lack of ethics and common sense (see Big Orange Michael) or if this kind of thing has always gone on but now we talk about it. Kind of like presidents and their mistresses (Clinton vs Kennedy), priests of then and now and so forth.

    I bet it is a little of each. More people doing it and less coverups…of course, to do it in the first place they had to have less covering up..ahem!

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