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One of my current projects

This is the fun work that I like to do!

My client is a reseller for a wholesaler. Currently the client has to manually update the online shopping cart to reflect the inventory available from the wholesaler. The wholesaler provides XML/CVS feeds of Stock Status, Discontinued Products, Full Products List, Images, and New Products behind a secure password protected website meaning you could log in, download the xml files, and run a process to update the database. That still requires human invention (ie. logging in). My job is to automate the entire process.

What challenges have set this one behind schedule? 1) The client had a technical issue arise on a previous project and the support of that set me back days. Ironically, the issue is probably related to the hosting provider’s ISP. 2) The wholesaler gives 404s on a couple of lists so I’m in email volleys with their support staff trying to get it resolved. Meanwhile, my client wants the work done yesterday. But this is what I do and this is what I enjoy! Of course, I’d trade it all in a heartbeat if I could get a grant to teach people how to use computers and how to program.

3 thoughts on “One of my current projects

  1. Man, you are a glutton for punishment. I don’t know that I’d be very good at teaching people to use computers for a living.

  2. It’s interesting how much you & I have in common. Reading you, it’s apparent you are better advanced than I in both progamming and juggling, but I can relate. I’m behind schedule on a progamming project I do on the side – it’s not my regular work (probably better that way – I’m not sure I could do it 40+ hrs a week.

  3. Programming 40+ is cool by me. It’s the constant bizarre requests for miracles (eg. “We just found out we need the system to do something it absolutely wasn’t designed to do in the next 48 hours.”) and unrealistic expectations that permeate the software industry that make my eye twitch.

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