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If you can believe the stats

According to the statistics provided by my web host, Cathy had 1,144 unique visitors to Domestic Psychology on Monday. I had 1,143 to Reality Me. Alright, who is that one person who reads Cathy and ignores me!

Oh, frankly I don’t believe those numbers. I am more inclined to think that both blogs are somewhere between 50 and 200 visits a day but I don’t have anything to prove it one way or another.

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6 thoughts on “If you can believe the stats

  1. Why not add Sightmeter or Blogpatrol for stats? Both are free.

  2. I have access to the raw weblogs which would be more accurate. I just haven’t bothered to process them through something like Webtrends.

  3. I got on the Johnny Dobbins Knoxblogs express when it was still going, and bugged him enough so that I pretty much have full access to the server for free. Woot. Course, I slipped him a 5er the other day. Still, totally well worth it.
    I use awstats, which is meh, and statcounter, which is decent but caps the log at 100, which only gets me a couplea hours of info. No good unless I’m on it all the time.

  4. Oh yeah, I put that Google Anyletics whatnot thing on, and found it completely useless for my purposes.

  5. I never visit your site. None of the hits are me.

  6. The CIA has been watching the video feed for 6 hours 🙂 -At least someone in McLean VA has.

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