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Like Productivity Tools?

As an independent contractor it is important to me to track all my time. That means if I am working for someone either at an hourly rate or a fixed price I track my time. If I am marketing myself (which would be working for me) I track my time. I have even tracked time when I was away from work. This time tracking lets me know if I am charging correctly and whether or not I am performing efficiently.

I have used a variety of time tracking solutions including Quicken’s. I have tried several online versions only to have them move from free to charging as soon as their app was stable. Allnetic’s Working Time Tracker has done the best job for my circumstances. A new player is SlimTimer. SlimTimer looks free for the moment. But, the first one is always free, right?

Ps. I haven’t done anything with SlimTimer yet so no review at the moment.

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  1. Booo! Tease! I found you via Technorati and was all pumped up thinking there was going to be a review behind that curtain. It’s okay, I can wait… I guess 🙁

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