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A recycled continent

Bob Grimac, Al Gore, and Ed Begley Jr should get excited over a floating mass of garbage almost twice as large as Texas! We could move hordes of environmental nuts to their very own recycled continent in international waters away from the non-environmental nuts in the White House.

I still like Al Gore; Bob Grimac is one of the nicest people you will ever meet (and the only Rocky Hill teacher to get a standing ovation during parent orientation); and I think of Ed Begley’s house with every home renovation I make asking myself, "Can I do this more environmentally sound?" Let’s keep these guys and move the White House people to the floating mass of garbage.

The largest dump in the world isn’t outside New York or London or Shanghai but in a desolate stretch of the Pacific Ocean nearly a thousand miles from the nearest island. Held together by a slowly rotating system of currents northeast of Hawaii, the Eastern Garbage Patch is more than just a few floating plastic bottles washed out to sea; the Patch is a giant mass of trash-laden water nearly double the size of Texas. [Source]

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