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Today’s construction lessons/reminders

  1. Just because you have a rotary tool doesn’t mean you should use it
  2. Drywall is made out of dust
  3. A razor blade cuts drywall very well it’s just not as cool as a rotary tool
  4. Razor blades also cut fingers
  5. There is a reason your safety goggles are in your working pile of tools instead of in storage in the garage
  6. Razor blades do not automatically cut straight lines
  7. Take your time or take a lot of time…it’s your choice
  8. Do not walk away and think the mess will clean itself up

2 thoughts on “Today’s construction lessons/reminders

  1. 9. Just because you “can” does’t mean you “should”.
    10. Finish a project before you start a new one.

  2. “Finish a project before you start a new one.”
    Oh my god, if I had a dollar for everytime I’ve heard that one…

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