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Site Tools – URL Investigator

I have posted about the tools I use when looking at a url, ip address, etc. URLInvestigator is another one new to the scene.

4 thoughts on “Site Tools – URL Investigator

  1. Exactly why, Mr. Juggler, do you need to know this information? I smell government agent.

  2. AT holds the paranoid conspiracy mirror up for Doug.

  3. I am big brother!

    I primarily use them in troubleshooting client hosting issues and email problems. You can also use them for learning more about your site visitors by looking up information on their ip address.

  4. […] Cathy likes to joke about my conspiracy-mindedness. I like to makeup conspiracy theories as jokes. Here is some fuel on rigged elections. The comments make some valid points about why this would be hard to do in practice such as the injected number of votes not matching the recorded number of voters. […]

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