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Top 10 Pot Studies Government Regrets Funding

This floated up on Popurls today. Warning! is geek crack! If you read Popurls, you could potentially lose days off your life without even realizing it. I cannot be held responsible for broken relationships and financial hardships resulting from introducing you to Popurls. Popurls is indeed a gateway drug, a portal mind you, to more intense, more serious sources of information. If you or someone you love is an information addict, keep away from Popurls!

From Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Cannabis, Top 10 Pot Studies Government Wished It Had Never Funded. Follow the link for more detailed information. I find it interesting how economics and politics play into issues such as marijuana. Alcohol is far more damaging than cannabis yet it remains legal. I find information like this interesting to read because I believe we waste huge amounts of money by keeping marijuana illegal for little benefit. It is legal in Denver and taxed in TN.

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Pot Studies Government Regrets Funding

  1. Yeah, I must say that I don’t see how something can be taxed while being illicit.

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