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My Wishlist

I often feel prisoner to a lack of resources. When I consider rejoining the corporate world, my reasons center around a need to have the resources I lack. Ideally I really do well leading a team so the biggest resource I desire is people. Foregoing people and operating capital, here is my list of basic needs (new computers top the list):

  • a macbook pro – for presentations, sales, lectures/public speaking, and remote development
  • a new development server – linux
  • new development server – windows 2003, CF 7
  • new pc workstation with 3 monitor setup – I still rely heavily on pc based software
  • new phone – preferrably a treo
  • FranklinCovey planner refill

Now into the dream world:

  • a 2nd (preferrably 3rd) monitor to dock with the macbook pro
  • mid to high end digital video camera
  • workstation for photo/video/art processing/production
  • digital camera with exchangable lenses

And if I could have people:

  • Personal assistant
  • salesperson
  • attorney on retainer
  • accountant
  • bookkeeper
  • two developers
  • intern research assistant
  • lab assistant/technican – computer repairs, software licenses, maintenance, etc.

6 thoughts on “My Wishlist

  1. I think you could add several more people to your entourage. This was a relatively conservative list.

  2. Is that it? I’m working on my own wishlist, but I have an idea it will include at least one piece of chocolate!

  3. I did leave off a maid, nanny or two, and a chef.

  4. ooo ooo ooo dibs on lab assistant! I am TOTALLY beaker.

  5. well work your way to getting it then.
    other than the no need for the planner i have all the first list – and all the second less the digital slr
    3rd list im working on, haven’t got the lab assitant yet, my intern is doing that job and im the book keeper and salesperson. I nearly employed a book keeper but couldnt quite bear to hand over the job when i know ill do it better and quicker!
    ps the wife makes a great personal assistant and the intern is a great chauffeur
    making the list is the first step to getting these people – now what you need to learn to do is start actually shifting these jobs to those people – even if it means paying them for it (droll concept i know) so you can be more productive at what you know that makes money. small steps at a time.
    good luck!

  6. Oh YES!!!!
    I just want an I Book.
    And a mute houseboy who knows skills in chiropracter medicine.

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