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Raining on a sunny day

So today is a majorly important deadline. What could go wrong? Well, my computer keeps freezing up, the person with technical information I need is awol, I can’t dial my client from my cell phone because Cingular is saying I am not allowed to call them (your approximate hold time is…eternity!), the battery on the cell phone is dying, and I am supposed to be at another location in 10 minutes.

Update: Oh look! This computer says it is 1:30 and that computer says it is 1:18. ugh!

3 thoughts on “Raining on a sunny day

  1. why do I see marijuana and cannibis as the key words for your google ads?

  2. Because we are tokin it up and apparently the computer knows. Actually, I think it has to do with this post from Sept 1. I need to get the ads off the blog anyway. They were an experiment and unless I become dooce or Instapundit, and need to fund absurd amounts of bandwidth, I don’t think the ads belong here.

  3. I think prostitution should be legal. What kind of ads would that get you?

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