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Pictures after the Oak Ridge incident

If we messed up in Oak Ridge, these pictures show what Knoxville would look like 20 years later.

On the 26th of April 1986 shortly after midnight, to be precise, at 1:23 GMT, there occurred near the Ukrainian town of Chornobyl a tremendous explosion at a huge nuclear power plant, followed by a gradual meltdown of the reactor No. 4.

Nowadays there guided tours are being conducted to this area. These photos are made by George Borman (Pikul) while participating in such a trip.

In America, you can tour the Nevada Test Sites.

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4 thoughts on “Pictures after the Oak Ridge incident

  1. Is this why you haven’t responded to my email about the Oak Ridge get-together?

  2. Check out these pics and telling of the tale,

    And remember, more people died at Chappaquiddick than at Three Mile Island

  3. Eek! The non-response has more to do with Cathy’s mother in the hospital and today’s horrid deadline. I’ll get you a response in the next day or two. Cathy and I have to update calendars and make sure schedules jive.

  4. The kiddofspeed thing is cool, fur sure.

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