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Terrorists on American Soil!

Domestic terrorism is prevented by improving the quality of life in America not by bombing Iraq, Iran or anywhere. To have Congress take on the credit card companies that hold so many of the American people hostage would be a good place to begin the Domestic War On Terror. I missed a payment on a closed credit card and they charged me $165 per month in fees and penalties until I got caught up. That should be illegal!

The letter demanded a large sum of money and set a deadline for its delivery.

“The letter did communicate that if the city did not comply, Las Cruces residents will be shot at random,” Lara said.

If I had to guess, these extortionists are on their last nickel and feel this is their only option. If people actually start getting shot, I will change that opinion to these extortionists not being extortists but sick cold blooded killers. More information.

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  1. You know what’s sad? That people have to resort to ‘terrorism’ to get the attention of the media. I’m very interested to find out the story behind this…

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