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We met! We talked! We had fun!

Cathy and I have no social life now-a-days. Blame it on managing 5 children’s schedules, lack of money, or my constant working if you will but basically we have not created much opportunity for adult conversation. Yesterday we broke our mold and went to Atomic Tumor’s party and had an absolutely wonderful time! The crowd was very comfortable, the food excellent, the conversation fun, the children played hard and were happy among new friends, the very pleasant teenagers eagerly watched the younger children, and there was much laughter. There was at least one "small world" event (I met you in 2000!) and it resulted in some throwing of fire. Cathy has links to the exhausted children and others. The only noted damage appears to be the two youngest children ended up with fevers. Build those immune systems! Thank again to Atomic Tumor et al!

Update: More photos here, here, here, here, here and here, and video here.

10 thoughts on “We met! We talked! We had fun!

  1. It seems like to me you guys had a lot of fun. Over here in the west, our blogger meeting require a staff meeting at the office, but we are finding there are a few brave souls out there.

  2. Sorry to hear about the sick kids. Ours, Lugnut, seems to be doing better now. I’m home from work w/ the funk now.

    Hey, it was good meeting you and your family. I mightily enjoyed the flame throwing and so did Lugnut. I’m glad you all came and had such a good time.

  3. Glad you guys could make it into Oak Ridge for the Tumor blogiversary. Mrs. daco and I had a ball.

  4. For those of us who couldn’t be there, can we get an ID on the folks in the video?

  5. In the video with the baby in hand, that’s me (Doug McCaughan) holding Evan, my son.

    Glass balls is me.

    Juggling Torches is Becky and me. I need to get clarification on whose daughter Becky is.

    Devil sticks is GAC from Atomic Tumor. We met once in 2000 then again at this party.

  6. Becky is Angi’s

  7. I should add, Cathy is sitting in the lower right. I am pretty sure that is daco from Atomic Tumor whose head pops in lower left. And I’ve let the identity of our fantastic burger chef elude me.

  8. Of course, LissaKay is behind the camera and you hear her make the burger comment.

  9. daco is the burger dude.

  10. […] Six years ago Cathy and I walked through West Town Mall. We had a wonderful store called The World of Knowledge. Outside an employee was playing with devil sticks. I borrowed them, showed off, and gave some advice. Apparently she remembered, because six years later we met again at Atomic Tumor’s party and she pointed saying, "ow ow ow! I know you!". It was a good moment. Now she is in the hospital and holding onto life by a thread. nurses are telling me that her vitals can’t support life for long, that I told my 9 year old son as lightly as I could that his mother might die, that, despite HOW HARD I TRY NOT TO I can’t help figureing out how I’d word her obiturary on this stupid web page because I might just need to, I start to break down. [Source] […]

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