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LOST and Gilligan’s Island Similarities

Michael found a link to the amazing similarities between LOST and Gilligan’s Island! This is a MUST READ for any Lost fan.

4 – number of sleeping huts on the island
8 – animals not native to the island
15 – things that wash up on shore
16 – number of times Gilligan foils rescue attempts
23 – number things Gilligan drops on the Skippers head
42 – number of people who visit the island

Don’t overlook the new Lost theme song "Hurley’s Island"!

Update: I originally credited Barry. It has become my habit to immediately read Big Orange Michael after reading Inn of the Last Home or vice versa. So, I periodically think Barry and type Michael or think Michael and type Barry. Thanks to Barry for pointing it out.

2 thoughts on “LOST and Gilligan’s Island Similarities

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