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Why do they have to eat!

I really enjoy cooking but with the food challenges of my children, schedules, and cash flow, sometimes food becomes downright frustrating. The past couple of weeks I have carefully planned our meals and shopping trips. The result was that we ate happily on healthy meals of salmon and ribs less expensively than coping out on busy nights with McDonald’s and Chick Fillet.

However, I look at the clock (1pm) and note that Tommy has to be in BFE at 6pm albeit he gets feed at his youth group tonight. We are still on 1 car since I haven’t made the time to replace the water pump on the Jeep and the afternoon schedule involves me being at the elementary school around 2:30, Sarah being picked up from school at 4:45, and Tommy’s jaunt to Lenior City beginning at 5:30. Ah! Looks like leftover ribs, salmon, and, for the non-eaters, fish sticks tonight!

(fish sticks cook in 8 minutes btw!)

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