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Poison Plants – Day 5

My actions were dumb but so far I have been lucky.

  • Saturday night I tore down poison ivy and poison oak with my bare hands. Within minutes I scrubbed my hands thoroughly. 4 hours later I scrubbed my entire body vigorously.
  • Sunday I showed no symptoms.
  • Monday I thought I got away with it. No symptoms.
  • Tuesday my right thumb bubbled up and has itched horribly since. My right wrist also has small blisters. I think briefly a bump or two was on my left temple.
  • Wednesday a single spot about the size of a juicy pimple shows up on the back of my left hand. It barely itches while my right thumb itches insanely.
  • Thursday whatever was on my temple is gone. The palm of my left hand has a small bump that itches like crazy.

1 thought on “Poison Plants – Day 5

  1. MastaG has a spot on his arm that is growing. Three days ago it was a bump. Today it is about 3 inches in diameter. Man, I’m more like you, I’ll get it if I wallow around in it, but the friggin kids… geez.

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