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The Internet Stinks

As I sit here eating my spicy sausage and chilli, it has been brought to my attention that in December 2000 smells were transmitted over the Internet.

PLANO, Texas, Dec. 21 /PRNewswire/ — announced today that it has demonstrated interactive transmission of Synthesized Smell over IP (IPsmell(TM)). Using an interactive program that allows for the creation of aromas by mixing sixteen separate ingredients in 1% increments, Dr. David B. Wallace, AromaJet’s Chief Technical Officer, transmitted a number of distinct fragrances from Sidney, Australia to an AromaJet Kiosk at AromaJet’s offices in Plano, TX. Both Dr. Wallace’s portable computer and the AromaJet kiosk were connected to the Internet and communicated with each other through AromaJet’s SmellServer(TM). [Source]

So why in nearly 6 years has such incredible technology not experience widespread acceptance? Shouldn’t every laptop shoot out new car smell as you shop for a car online?

I find it funny that both Willfull and my wife sent me this cartoon.

5 thoughts on “The Internet Stinks

  1. Willful must know you outside of the Internet.

  2. I made a prepubescent comment on irc.

  3. Hey irc readers – Doug’s nickname is “DougPoots” and Amy’s nickname is “AmyToots”. So far, Evan has been spared whatever digestive defect those two were afflicted.

  4. AromaJet was just proof of why the Dot Boom needed to turn into a DotBomb, so we could just flush out all the silly stupid ideas that were getting VC funding, and bring a little reality back into things.

  5. I agree we had some stupid, outlandish stuff getting funded with millions of wasted dollars. I only wish my moral fiber was lower so that I could have written a faux business plan and lived high on a non-returnable hog.

    I think AromaJet will find a place in the virtual worlds. Eventually people are going to want to experience true virtual reality and smell will have to be part of that. Long before the MMORPGs were popular I sat down with a couple of technologists and discussed how virtual currency would come to where it is today. These trends are not secrets within the industry. There are just hordes of people that talk of things to come and a dozen people that make the things come and a few people that write books. Wouldn’t it be nice to be playing a MMORPG and be able to smell the flowers, or the stench of the beast you just put down, and so forth.

    I am glad AromaJet hasn’t ever been adopted. I would have for my clients to say “Oh, could you make my website smell like Jasmine? No extra charge right?”

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