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Deep questions

Sometimes I like to ask philosophical questions of myself. Right now I’m asking, "how do you lose a 3 foot long black iron crow bar?"

4 thoughts on “Deep questions

  1. Bend over and I’ll show you. 🙂

  2. Did I forget to return it?
    Dangit, I’m such a bad neighbor.

  3. WTF Jeni?!?

  4. […] I love the Internet! The Jeep has been sitting in the driveway with a bad water pump. Relatively speaking, a water pump is a pretty straightforward repair. Unfortunately, my Haynes manual was a little vague on the details of the repair. Fortunately, a simple search gives wonderful details that I would have missed. (like 3 additional bolts that needed loosening) Good thing I couldn’t find that crow bar! […]

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