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Driving Topless!

I love the Internet! The Jeep has been sitting in the driveway with a bad water pump. Relatively speaking, a water pump is a pretty straightforward repair. Unfortunately, my Haynes manual was a little vague on the details of the repair. Fortunately, a simple search gives wonderful details that I would have missed. (like 3 additional bolts that needed loosening) Good thing I couldn’t find that crow bar!

The Jeep went back together with relative ease and no apparent leaks. Next task is a radiator flush but I’ll leave that to the shop. Before it gets too much colder I need to reattach the metal bar to the top of the windshield that holds the roof. Then go to ebay and buy a top.

3 thoughts on “Driving Topless!

  1. Seems to me like Haynes is slipping. There inevitably ends up being some repair or disassembly that I *have* to make, that Haynes either doesn’t mention, or gives lip service to (Step one: Locate the housing; Step two: remove and disassemble the unit).
    Thanks Haynes.

  2. I absolutely agree. They used to be elegant substitutes to an actual shop manual but this one even left me guessing at torque settings. Terribly unacceptable!

  3. […] Remember when I replaced the water pump on the Jeep? Seems I forgot to remove the water and replace it with anti-freeze. Tonight may have been the Jeep’s last ride. […]

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