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My morning thus far

3:30 – beg myself to get up
5am – actually rise, bathe and dress
6am – wake the doughnuts
6-7am – some blogging, mostly help Noah cook muffins
7:30-8 – drive Sarah to school
8-8:30 – pickup mother-in-law
8:30 – pickup Amy
9 – Drop Amy at pre-school
9:20 – Drop mother-in-law at sadist’s (PT)
9:20-10am – Starbucks theraphy then home

10:50-11:30 – pickup mother-in-law, take her to bank then home
1:30 – pickup Amy
4:15 – Noah to karate
4:45 – Pickup Sarah from school
5:00 – Pickup Noah from karate
5:30-6 – drive to Lenior City
6 – Drop Tommy in Lenior City
8:30 – Pick Tommy up from Lenior City
9-10pm – Lost!

To squeeze in: work, programming, marketing, resume writing, returning calls/emails, budgetting, banking, and food

3 thoughts on “My morning thus far

  1. I’ll be eating bon-bons and watching soaps all day.

  2. In all fairness, Cathy will get the afternoon duties, fold clothes until her fingers fall off, Evan still nurses constantly but fortunately he has gained enough teeth that he can just hang on her nipple like a leech so her hands are free to fold clothes, Amy will destroy – Cathy will repair, and then she will get the horde of paperwork and homework assistance from the schools done.

  3. […] I forgot to mention that yesterday we drove roughly 258 kilometers just running errands. […]

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