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Lost – Spoilers

It’s bugging me that I don’t have time to write a review so I’ll spit tidbits here and there.

  • The escapee that released Sawyer was the plumber at the beginning of the show. The plumber was Ethan.
  • I believe some of you (and others) are giving The Others too much credit with regard to Jack’s dossier. Nothing terribly revealing in the info. They have been spying on our people and Kate was obviously tortured so she probably spilled info.
  • Here is a Lost glossary – needs more work
  • They never intended Sawyer to be fed polar bear food. Just a left over gizmo from a previous tenant.

See also and also and also. Just incase you don’t know or have forgotten, ABC has the show online for free along with Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Six Degrees, The Nine, andThe Knights of Prosperity.

7 thoughts on “Lost – Spoilers

  1. 1) I’m pretty sure Ethan was the guy working on the plumbing. I went back and watched a second time, and he seemed to be wearing the same shirt… I think the kid in the cage was too small and young to be Mr. Plumber

    2) I don’t have any problem believing the Others have access to the outside world, simply because I still believe everyone on the plane was meant to be there for a reason. That’s why their lives are all interconnected because they were somehow maneuvered into taking that particular.

    3) I think it’s very possible Sawyer was being tested to see how he responds to captivity and degrading treatment (being in an animal cage, fed animal food). I think it’s also very possible they did it for their own amusement.

    And I think the kid’s escape was staged – Sawyer’s capture was too easy.

  2. 1.The teen from the cage was definitely in the others’ commune.
    2.Sawyer is in the cage of the animal he killed.
    3.They weren’t expecting that plane. There are no psychics in their group.
    4.They are interactive with the outside world. They request multiple copies of specific books.
    5.New female other is unhappy with her situation.
    6.New female burns hand but has no wound during book club.
    7.Jack and Kate had bandaids but Sawyer didn’t.
    8.What could the others possibly want from these three?
    9.Where are the children?

  3. You are right. It was Ethan. I still believe the escapee was a plant for Sawyer’s conditioning.

    I absolutely believe The Others are connected to the outside world.

    I like your thought that Zeke was messing with Sawyer with the bear food.

  4. OK, Cathy and Doug .. you will have to catch me up on this whole Lost thing, never saw a single episode … but now I will have to watch it

  5. They weren’t expecting the plane at that moment, but they had a plan of sorts to deal with it… Benry didn’t come up with sending Ethan and the other guy just then off the top of head..

    Good catches on the burned hand and the bandaid.

    As for the children, in the prologue there weren’t any kids before the plane crash (except Rosseau’s daughter, but she was a teen by then). And we didn’t see much else besides the Lostie’s cages after that.

  6. I’m not sure if they were necessarily expecting the plane, but they weren’t surprised either, as if similar instances had happened before.

  7. Yes, they’d had the drug plane, the balloon and probably a few others. LissaKay, I’ll loan you season one. Just say when and where.

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