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Trade Your Guns for Boxing Gloves

You know. I don’t think I ever feared students shooting up the various schools I attended. I recall fights and stabbings, sex in the theatre sound booth, marijuana in the bathrooms, and cocaine on the desktops. I bought a 10 inch Rambo knife in highschool. But no one talked about having the school shot to pieces. When they talked of putting metal detectors in my middle school there was a public outcry against it. Now the public begs for it and the students practice lockdown drills where they hide under desks.

I would love to get a peek at the family lives of students that bring guns to schools. Their cries for attention are going to have terrible reprecussions on our already failing school systems.

2 thoughts on “Trade Your Guns for Boxing Gloves

  1. I never worried about students shooting guns in my high school. If an adult had entered the school with murder-suicide plans, dozens of students would have exited the building, retrieved the guns from their trucks’ gun racks and fought back against the intruder. That wouldn’t work now, because every student is locked in the building, unable to escape.

  2. I recall in 6th grade a pal was kicked out for packing heat in school. He became a gangsta, as I recall. Big pimpin 60s Impala and all. Pretty spectacular, really.

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