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Challenges of self-employment

I work as an independent consultant. I do anything involving computers. Typically I build business systems on the Internet such as e-commerce websites. My skills are varied. I have bid on automating assembly lines in factories. I also do repairs such as virus removal on business and home computers. I enjoy project management the most.

Sometimes clients are slow to pay and in some cases never pay at all. These situations cause difficult cash flow problems and make for uncomfortable decisions at times. This week our websites may temporarily go offline. Cathy’s email and blog may become unavailable as well as Reality Me and a half a dozen or so other sites. We may also be without phone for a bit. I post this so that when it hits the fan you don’t think we fell off the Earth.

As a minor act of desperation, I have created 3 ad sponsor places on the blog and will keep them there until January 1, 2005. If anyone wants to donate any amount (paypal button below), I will happily fill that space with your advertisement. (that was dumb) Purchasing webhosting via this link could also help.

2 thoughts on “Challenges of self-employment

  1. If ya’ll need web space, I have plenty to spare (5GB total, 300MB used ATM), including MySQL databases, email, subdomains, etc. Just let me know if ya’ll want to move in for a spell …

  2. I think moving would be a huge headache at this point. I’m going to talk to customer service and see if I can have some extra time.

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