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Vehicles for sale

I have a 1997 Mercury Sable stationwagon with 111,000 miles (give or take) that does not run. It tries to turn over but won’t start. Maybe it just needs oil or maybe the engine is shot. The heat exchanger went bad and the car overheated several times. Two windows are stuck in the down position. If this car is of any value to someone as scrap, parts, smashup derby, electric conversion, or whatever, please make an offer. You would need to arrange it have it towed away. No liens. Title is clear.

I also have a 1981 Honda CM400C motorcycle. I am the third owner. It has 12-15000 miles on it. It has been down twice. Once by the previous owner in a low speed stop on wet grass. Once by me at under 10mph in a gas station parking lot. The only negative is it has been stored outside. As I have been told, the C stands for custom; apparently Honda bored the engine out to give it the displacement of a 600. You certainly cannot take a 600 off the line but on the interstate you can match speeds with a 600 at roughly the same RPMs. Great around the town cruiser. Needs new tires, cogs and chain, battery and steering head bearing.

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