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Returning to normalcy?

Ok. Normalcy and "our life" typically are not used in the same sentence. What has returned to our life is the daily in and out of getting people to and fro. That’s right! Fall break is over and the kids are back in school and in karate and in therapy and in student council and in art club and in scouts and in this and in that. And mom and dad are in the taxi service.

7 thoughts on “Returning to normalcy?


    Are you guys still selling popcorn?

  2. Thanks! Noah is selling individually and we might have some popcorn booths this weekend. I’ll post as soon as I know for sure.

  3. Haha! Always younger! I still have less gray! But you look mighty dignified.

  4. happy birthday mate – have a good one!

  5. I have! It has been a very relaxing day.

  6. happy belated birthday

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