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So this is what a Warner Brothers cartoon character feels like!

Anvils are falling on my head. Repeatedly! So my CPU fan dies on my Windows development box. I get laughed out of every store. "haha! Socket 7! They quit using those like 8 years ago!" Ring. Ring. "Honey. Don’t get mad. The power went out and the Internet isn’t coming back on." My head hangs so low that it drags the pavement as I drive home. More anvils. And a cliff. Neep neeep! Oh. I get home and the Internet has come back but the punchline is that my Linux development server didn’t like the power outage and is not coming back to life. That’s the train that comes out of nowhere to run me down.

I don’t see the grass of cubeville as greener. Frankly, I don’t care if cubeville is tumbleweeds and dirt. I am ready to return to the corporate joke. This computer swashbuckler is ready to lay down his sword. After this past decade, there is nothing you could lay in front of me that could phase me.

4 thoughts on “So this is what a Warner Brothers cartoon character feels like!

  1. I did a search and there are a few on ebay and if you can’t get one I can get one Here and post it to you.

  2. Thanks. We have an expensive electronics store in town that will probably have one. I’ll have to check with them tomorrow. I’m also going to scavenge my bone yard and see if maybe a retired junker has a fan with a little life left.

  3. so do you or dont you want some web dev work?

  4. I crave it. Yes. I need as many referrals as possible right now. Especially those that pay quick. I am interviewing for a corporate job but securing one, particularly with the organizations, I am considering could take some time. I will work through all my obligations and leave no one hanging.

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