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Another Application Off

These are such hard choices. I need to be earning lots of money rapidly. I mean absurdly rapidly. So I am faced with choices: 1) waste my day way on the phone with the bureacrats trying to get more time to make good on my debts, 2) spend my day earning money, or 3) spend my day trying to find a job that pays a steady, predictable amount of money albeit less than I make in this unpredictable hell. Today I chose number 3 and have been on the phone with recruiters, sending emails, and filling out questionaires about my capabilities to try to get a job.

I have made some mistakes. I trusted too much. I gave too much and asked too little. I refused to let go off projects that should have been cut free. I would make any sacrifice right now to turn those mistakes around.

6 thoughts on “Another Application Off

  1. Option 3 is better in the long run as it’ll help stablise things and you could always do web work in the evenings for extra cash.

  2. At this stage of the game. I really want to get back into a regular job. I have enjoyed my contracting. I had originally set 10 years as the plan. In those 10 years I would either make enough to retire or I would go back to the corporate umbrella. The 10 years is up. But I have waited 6 months too long to secure the job.

  3. Hey, give me a ring or send me a note. I’ll see if I can’t try to hook you up with some leads. Surely someone might have something that might be worthwhile for you.


  4. I’m going through something similar to this. I just wanted you to know I understand the feeling of powerlessness.
    I have no idea what to do. I have a job, but I found out some things that have just broken my heart.
    I’ll keep it until I find something new and that pays better.
    It seems we are all sending each other hope these days. I’ll send you some as well.

  5. […] Newscoma mentions "It seems we are all sending each other hope these days." It does feel like everyone is going through something. Maybe it is our smaller world. Twenty-five years ago, the world would not be following a family’s fight for life in Oak Ridge. Maybe it would get a brief mention on local news but certainly not the world wide attention it has received. […]

  6. Have you posted up on Dice yet? I can’t imagine there isn’t a need for your skillset out there.

    As for the holding on too long to things that should have been let go of. Yeah, been there done that myself. That is the problem when you have to wear ALL the hats.

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