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Giving hope and prayers

Newscoma mentions "It seems we are all sending each other hope these days." It does feel like everyone is going through something. Maybe it is our smaller world. Twenty-five years ago, the world would not be following a family’s fight for life in Oak Ridge. Maybe it would get a brief mention on local news but certainly not the world wide attention it has received.

I need hope now it ways that I cannot/will not discuss. But my troubles are put is such proportion by GAC’s battle between life and death. I feel selfish even thinking of myself.

Last night I had to put gas in the van to get Tommy to STAR. The lady on the other side of the pump swiped her card repeatedly until finally a booming voice came across the speaker declaring, "pump one still says declined." She speaks out to the air to cover the embarassment of the announcement to the world, "I’ll try my debt card." A wrinkled hand lifts a different piece of plastic. I wanted to swipe mine and say, "filler ‘er up on me" but I had to say a prayer that I didn’t get declined as I swiped for my own gas. The poverty trap sucks badly. Once you get in it is very hard to get out. As I move away from consulting and back into regular work, my budget (money and time) is going to include something to help save a family from poverty. Our economy is rotten.

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  1. Djuggler, you and your family are in my prayers, too. Eaves and I are there if you need us.

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