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Difficulty writing

I am having a hard time writing about my life right now. I have noticed a sharp decline in readers also according to the stats. I have several reasons for backing off on my writing. 1) I am interviewing. I cannot imagine a net savvy company not seeking out a prospective employee’s blog. 2) I am facing some large challenges. I want desperately to write about them but that may have to wait a while and be presented in a retrospective. 3) My time has been sucked away from me to deal with 1 and 2.

2 thoughts on “Difficulty writing

  1. I’ve decided to change my approach to posting. I’d usually wait for a big, inciteful idea to pop in my head and then write about that. Now I’m just posting short stuff and if a big idea comes along, great. We’ll see if that works past tomorrow.

    Good luck w/ the interviewing!

  2. Yesterday I pointed to Tom Maszerowski’s blog. He has often had short, concise, well written blog entries. I really enjoy that about his blog. He manages to sum up the tone of the articles that he links to while getting in opinion out in only a few sentences.

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