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No Muse

I have had difficulty writing this past week. I think the things I want to write about are too personal, too embarrassing or will draw too much criticism. Some people do understand.

"You guys are really happy together. You struggle to make ends meet, but you just love each other so much, you make it through the tough stuff. You’re gonna be fine." [Source]

Of course, AT has shown how to write personally and deeply without concern. I think many of us are asking if we could possibly live up to the tribute that AT created for Barbara Jamie Bearden Kilpatrick (aka GoldenAppleCorp, GAC). The wake was exceptional. I am impressed with how well AT is handling himself. He even caught me off guard last night by asking about and expressing concern for Molly. We can all learn something from AT. Composure. Love. Tribute. How to face adversity. And the fact that I need to go before my wife so that so that I don’t hear "well Doug, that was good and I know you loved Cathy but geez, didn’t you see how AT did it?"

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  1. Atomictumor.
    Setting the standard in quality widowering since 2006.

  2. Yeah, AT went and really jacked the bell curve on this whole husbanding deal.

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